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Trends don’t emerge one day and disappear the next; they continue to evolve and change. We respond as part of a global company with individual creativity and flair. please find our services.

Employer Check

Employment Verification & Background Check Service New Delhi As the name suggests, this procedure is followed by ...

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Address check

Address Check Address Verification Services is also known as AVS. This service is mainly used to verify the address o...

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Education Verification, Education Background Check Delhi NCR  Education is one of the most important aspects every in...

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Global Database Background Screening Services Delhi NCR Database Check is a way to check whether the candidate is inv...

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Advance Check

Advance check Verification Street is one of the most prominent and advanced background verification and screening com...

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Employee Drug Check  Employee drug testing is used to make workplace drug and alcohol-free. In many companies, drug t...

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Criminal verification Criminal verification of employees is very must nowadays to see whether the shortlisted person ...

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CIBIL check for employment CIBIL Check for employment is very important to see the performance of candidates for cred...

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Driver House Keeping Staff Verification

Cab driver/ house-keeping staff verification We all know that the crime rate is growing very fast nowadays and we can...

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Social Media Verification

Media search Every company wants to hire the best employees to make their company the most reputed in the industry. B...

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Reference Check

Reference check  Reference Check is one of the most important aspects of recruitment nowadays in many companies in In...

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3rd Party Verification

Third-party Employment Verification Vendor Third-party verification companies are independent organizations that spec...

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Industries We Serve

Our industries

Banking & Finance

We have successfully done more than 4000 people verification from Banking and Finance Sector

Health, Food & Baverages

We have been serving to various FMCG Industries in order to keep them away from bogus white & Blue  collar staff.


This makes it extremely important for us to have the best screening solutions from IT & ITES in order to  have the best talent pool recruited in your team.


Our BGV Services has given our client’s staffing services an edge by ensuring a safe, honest and credible workspace for all the employees working in this industry.


Our BGV services assure companies to hire the best talent in the manufacturing industry to protect your intellectual property.


Avail of our background verification checks to recruit the best talents in the education industry to life-up the business profits quickly.

Verification Street specializes in employment check, education check, criminal check, drug check, reference check, tenant screening and more. We are one the leading background verification companies in India. No matter what background check service you want, we build and maintains confidence with every customer we work with.

For Indian businesses that seek high quality employment screening so they can feel secure and trustworthy in the hiring decisions they make, Verification Street has been a crucial extension of the human resources department. We maintain exceptional customer service, flawless results, and an unmatched response time for all background verification services in India.

The Pros of Background Checks by Best Background Verification Companies in India

Pre-employment background checks are turning from being a nice-to-have to being more of a necessity when employing potential new employees. There have been numerous instances of applicants making exaggerated claims on their resumes and job applications, or even attempting to hide a criminal record. As one of the best background verification companies in India, our background checks discovered many discrepancies.

Why Choose Verification Street as Your Background Verification Company in India?

Choosing the best background verification company in India is a crucial decision for individuals and organizations seeking to ensure trust, safety, and reliability in their interactions. We as one of the best background verification companies in India brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Our team comprises skilled professionals who excel in conducting meticulous and accurate background checks. We understand that every client is unique, with specific requirements. Our background verification services are tailored to meet your individual needs, whether it’s employee screening, tenant verification, or any other type of background check.

BGV Companies in India

Being top BGV companies in India, we leverage state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge tools, and access to extensive databases to ensure the most comprehensive and up-to-date background checks. For us, data security and confidentiality are paramount. We maintain stringent data protection measures and adhere to strict confidentiality standards to safeguard sensitive information. We have a deep understanding of local, state, and National regulations governing background verification in India. Our processes are designed to ensure compliance while delivering reliable results.

Accuracy is the hallmark of our background verification services in India. Our rigorous verification processes ensure that the information you receive is highly accurate and trustworthy.

Contact Us for Background Verification Services in India

Background checks don’t have to be difficult to do. Verification Street is one of the top background verification companies in India, so work with us rather than trying to understand the legal constraints and needs on your own.

Because of our extensive expertise working with Indian businesses, we have vital knowledge of the many background checks you’ll need. Contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to secure company reputation from getting spoil. We offer the checking process at different levels so that there will not misuse of the office data and premises.

Employers have an absolute right to conduct lawful employment screening in order to hire the best qualified candidate. The Employer first obtains the applicants written consent to be screened in the firms Job application form.

Employment screening will typically cost less than the cost compared to the damage one bad hire can cause. It is ironic, that some firms will spend hours shopping for a computer bargain, and at the same time try to save money by not adequately checking out a job applicant, which represents an enormous investment.

For an over burdened HR department handling numerous tasks, outsourcing background screening can be done very quickly and effectively. A qualified employment-screening firm can set up the entire program and provide all the information in a short period.

NO. Background screening is normally done in a 7-10 Days . Most of the information needed is not stored in readily available databases, but must be obtained by going to past employers, educational institutes and different area police stations. Occasionally there can be delays that are out of any ones control, Another reason for delays may be due to waiting on return calls, faxes or emails from a past employer or educational institution, finding that a past employer cannot be located or that the contact names and/or numbers provided are no longer in services, or a clerk in police station who needs to retrieve a record from Storage.

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