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What To Expect With A Background Verification Agency

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You made the courageous decision to alter companies and scored a new job! Congratulations! However, you’re now left with one last hurdle to clear – background verification. Employers today take this extra precaution to shield their businesses from fraudsters and incompetent job applicants. Unfortunately for you, this implies you’ve got one last step before you’ll advance to your new job. While employee background verification could seem sort of a hassle, it’s actually beneficial for you to prove your integrity and qualification. Usually, professional background screening companies will authenticate the information you provide to your next employer. All your documents are verified by the issuing authority and a report regarding your documents is generated.

That said, you need to be wondering; why do they need to try to do background verification on me? Short answer – it’s nothing personal. Long answer – most companies have an indoor mandate to mitigate risks associated with recruitment. Off late there’s a regulatory mandate by official bodies to possess background verification done. Some companies recently may are victims of fraudulent job seekers. Background verification is literally about them, not you.

Over the past few years, as employee frauds have grown more sophisticated, corporates have upped their security measures to counter those frauds. One of the key measures is to possess mandatory background checks on every candidate that’s hired. This helps them comb out fakers and distil the pool of candidates to those that are often trusted. In exceptional cases, companies may like better to check on specific credentials like education, address or police records just in case of sensitive roles. This is a traditional practise in organisations that value their information and have their eyes assail growth.

So, you’d ask, what do I expect during a background verification check? Well, there’s very little you must do! Your next employer will share a consent form that provides them and their agency permission to conduct background verification on you. That consent form is to be supplemented by your documents. Depending on your role and therefore the sensitivity, address checks, previous employment check, education check or police record checks etc. may be conducted.

These are some of the most common checks used by companies for their regular screening processes. From the day the corporate takes consent from you for employee background verification, it can take up to fifteen working days to process your background check. Most employers will not share the report with you. You know you have passed the employee screening test when you receive the offer letter or you don’t receive any clarification call from the HR of the company.

As a candidate who has all the papers so as and no errors within the application, the background verification process is straightforward as a breeze. Very little effort goes in from your side. It may be possible that in address checks, a company/agency representative may visit your home to verify the address details that you simply have shared which is just about all.

So, rather than worrying an excessive amount of about the background check, just share your details, sit back because the report comes in and kit up for a subsequent big move of your career!

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