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What is Letter of Authorization??

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Letter of Authorization plays very vital role before initiating background check process. It shouts for all the employees who undergo Pre/Post Employment Screening. When employees expresses their interest for any job application and Employers like his candidature then before issuing the offer letter, Employers conduct candidature verification check by own or may be through third party agencies. So One background verification form is being filled by the candidate in order to claim that he/she is authorization the Employer/Third party to conduct his/her Background verification.

It also defines that the candidate is claiming that the information mentioned by the candidate is true. The criticalness of the LOA depends on the way that it gives the organization the option to deny a functioning offer or even fire the employee if the data given intimates that the upcoming employee isn’t qualified for work according to the strategies of the association. This could be because of different things like universities and associations that the employee was related with however are boycotted by the organization. Moreover, If the claimed data gets out to be fake/forged or misrepresented then employer has the 100% authority to take stringent action on the candidate. Employer can even withdraw the offer if issued earlier then candidate is not permitted to go legal against the employer as the information given was misrepresented.

Consent letter is consolidated authorization that company can verify one’s Salary Slips/ Relieving letter/Offer Letters/Qualifications/Crime record Check/CIBIL check and Drug test for an example. Here candidate proclaimed that he/she was never associated in any criminal history or may be given information is not forged.

What If Consent letter is not submitted by the candidate??

It is always important for employers to get this letter of authorization according to laws of the countries in order to carry on with pre employment screening. Employee’s consent is necessary for checking details, otherwise it is considered as an invasion into their privacy and data security. Moreover, If candidate withdraws his employment before the BGV was done and Consent is not given then candidate can file a case against the employer as well as against the Third Party Company so both the companies will be in trouble.

Once the form is submitted, the company or its background verification company goes ahead with proper background checks. It will usually take 2 weeks for completion of the process.

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