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What all documentation is required to get Background Verification Done?

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As we are getting connected globally and finding the best resources to join our team in order to entail best services to client , Good and people with high integrity always play main role to achieve the targets.

So it is always imperative to get employees Background check done in a way to stay real stick to the targets.

Here is the list of documents which has to be submitted to third party Background companies to pursue BGV Check:

  • Employment Verification – To get Employment Check done the main document required to get verified is Relieving Letter /Experience letter or service Certificate. But if the professional does not have said document then one can submit Salary Slips, Offer Letter or may be Letter of intent, But HR has to be more aware that submission of secondary documents can delay the process and such submitted documents are sometimes not even verified. So always ask for the relieving letter to the candidate if the employment left is 1 month old.

  • Education Qualification VerificationEducation Verification check is the vital one for green horns(Fresher) as they are placed in the organization on the basis of their education history so it is always sensibly to know whether their submitted degree/masters are valid or not . To get the verification ask them to share their highest qualification degree along with the mark sheets.
  • Residential verificationCovid -19 has forced almost all the organizations to assign Work from home to employees, so they have to deliver company assets so that staff can work efficiently. But do not you think it is mandatory to know whether the given address belongs to that person or not? So submission of complete permanent address along with Pin Code and contact details of the person.
  • Court Record CheckIt is always seen that organizations let their staff work in the premises having criminal history. Such employees later on get highlighted in stealing companies’ confidential data. So always get their 7 Years crime history verified and submit Adhaar card copy.

Submission of proper documentation always keeps the process smooth and speedy.

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