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Reference check 

Reference Check is one of the most important aspects of recruitment nowadays in many companies in India and overseas. This check is performed by contacting some people that employee has mentioned in their CVs while applying for a job or during interviews. Those people might be their previous employees, friends, batchmates, etc. It helps you to understand the behavior and performance of the employee even better.

You can ask those people to know how efficient and good the person is in which you are going to shortlist for the job in the organization. This also helps companies to believe that the given name and identity really exist. Through this verification, you can know all about the employees such as behave performance, address, qualifications, employment history, and background, etc. very well.

What’s included in the reference check?

There are several things an employer can verify in a reference check which may include dates of employment, job titles, designations, dates of attendance at college and the degrees accomplished. However, conducting an in-depth reference check can give you so many details concisely to take a wise decision. We have already mentioned above that talking to the references may give you clear insights into the employee to know his/her performance, efficiency, knowledge, education, experience, and qualifications for the job.

While conducting an in-depth verification, the references can be expected to answer questions that may have been asked from the job applicants at the time of the interview. For example, they might be asked about the employee’s strengths, weaknesses, best qualities, adaptability, stress handling capabilities, etc.

By confirming these details from the references may help recruiters to understand the employees better.

Why companies conduct reference checks?

Companies do conduct reference and background checks for the employees to streamline the recruitment process to hire the efficient and best candidates in lesser time. There are so many reasons to conduct a background check before hiring candidates for a position in the organization.

Let’s discuss this in details:

  1. Streamline the recruitment process

Companies conduct reference checks to streamline the process of hiring candidates for various posts. Companies can know the potential of a candidate by conducting reference checks by knowing their performance, experience, knowledge, efficiency, personality, behavior, educational qualification, employment history, and ability to get the job.

By knowing this all, company can decide whether the candidate is a good fit or not for the position candidate applied for. The company can proceed further with the shortlisted employee or look for other employees accordingly. This is really helpful for companies nowadays to save their time, money, and energy to invest more in the growth of the company.

  1. Sometimes to meet legal formalities

In some sectors or companies, background check is legally mandatory and that’s why many companies conduct background and reference checks to complete the legal formalities. For example, in banks, cash management companies, government offices, etc. every employee of such companies requires to be verified before joining the premises.

To comply with these legal requirements, companies conduct background screening or reference checks.

  1. Protection of employees and customers

There are many cases we have seen that in some companies an employee has been harassed, tortured, or hurt by other employees. There are many incidents that can be happened in a company or with employees of a company. To protect the employees and customers, many companies conduct background screening or reference checks before hiring employees.

If your company is not conducting background checks for employees yet, then this is the right time to start this.

  1. Protect the company’s reputation

There are many companies that established their identity as a reputed brand for which the company has to invest a lot of money, time, efforts, and resources. To keep your brand value maintained on top, you should hire the best employees to perform each job with perfection.

This is why background or reference check is very important to hire the best and skillful employees that can keep your company’s reputation maintained or improve the service quality even better.

  1. Safety

Safety is always the first priority for every employee and employer. Hiring verified candidates with a proven track record will be always good for companies to keep their workplace and employees safe. Otherwise, any kind of misbehave, theft, the harm of an employee by other employees can cause your companies destruction quickly.

  1. Increase business profits and productivity

Hiring verified candidates are highly skilled and educated to perform the tasks in many ways to reduce the time of jobs and make the clients happier with quicker results. Means, candidates with proven employment history always helps companies to increase business productivity and profits as well as improve customer satisfaction.

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