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Employment Verification & Background Check Service New Delhi

As the name suggests, this procedure is followed by our experts to check the physical/virtual verification of the employee records with the previous employer. This process looks very easy to you on paper or our website, but, this is very tough as it has a lot of verifications, permissions, and some other problems, etc. The entire process of employer check has its own step-by-step procedures that need to be followed and executed by our experts in your organization.

Employee verification in India is the process of checking the background and qualifications of a potential employee before making a hiring decision. This process can involve verifying the individual’s education, employment history, criminal record, identity, and professional licenses.

There are a number of different ways to conduct employee verification in India. Employers can choose to do the verification themselves, or they can hire a third-party employee background verification company in India.

To conduct employee background verification themselves, employers can contact the individual’s former employers, educational institutions, and professional licensing boards. They can also search public records for criminal records.

Third-party employee background verification companies in India have access to a wider range of data sources and can typically complete the verification process more quickly and efficiently than employers can do on their own.

Now you will ask yourself why you can’t do this on your own to save your extra money spent; so we wanted to tell you that we are offering this service at very affordable prices. Even though it’s costly for you on paper and if you still signed-up for it; you really made a great decision. Employer check services are here to give you several benefits in one package to let you save a lot of money you’re spending on inefficient or wrong working person.

How is it beneficial for you?

How you can know the behavior and efficiency of the person whom you have appointed to join your company recently? There only one way is the previous employer verification; but not everyone can do this cumbersome task as it requires a lot of time, effort, and knowledge along with patience. We at Verification Street possessing the best team of efficient experts who are very well sound in multiple skills.

They are very well known with multiple verification processes and their strong connections in multiple verification departments are the best USP of Verification Street. We all know the fact that references make the task easier and quicker to finish with the best possible quality. So, with the right professionals, your work will go smoother and delivered on time without any hassle.

We check every single record of the past employment with the employers mentioned by the people in their resume to verify their behavior, efficiency, and information provided by them. Our team of experts is visiting and meeting with the HR of the company or via call, they are verifying the details of the person with the previous employer. Once we are sure that everything written by the person in their CV is true then we will give you a clear and great report, otherwise, we will let you know about the problems or wrong information we have found during verification by email.

Importance of Employee Background Verification in India

In the modern age of the internet, interpretation or editing the data is too much easier; one who knows how to operate a computer with little knowledge of photo editing and designing can easily manipulate the data on paper. To avoid this type of misleading or fraudulent information, we go and check with every employer mentioned by the person.

Hiding or providing false information has many reasons and without verification, you won’t be to know about it. Maybe the employee has been in a legal dispute, maybe he is involved with some criminal activities or the person included the documents and information is counterfeit or has lesser experience of work.

To avoid hiring unprofessional and fraud people in your company, this is the best working way for you. There are several benefits of hiring qualified, experience, and true people in your company that deserves to work and earn in the right way, here are some best benefits you will be getting:

  • Increase your work efficiency
  • Improve your work quality
  • Your work will be completed on time
  • Increase your business reach and profits
  • Increase your brand influence
  • Increase your influence as a trusted brand

So, stop wasting more time and get in touch with us today to know more about it.

Why Verification Street?

Verification Street is a professional and affordable employment background verification services provider company in India, located in Noida. We are providing high quality and most efficient previous employer verification services and many more services to our clients in India. So, just give us all your tensions to sit back and relax.

We have helped many of our clients to identify and let them know about the people providing wrong information or fraudulent indulged in legal disputes or criminal cases. In fact, we have recently saved a company by hiring 2 people providing the wrong experience and fake salary information too, and we forwarded this feedback to our clients immediately to keep their business safe and loss-free.

But what if, if they don’t have partnered with us, they have got easily manipulated by these employees and will be facing a lot of issues. Some common issues were, performance drops, work quality issues, poor efficiency, and many more issues. These fake people are the reason for making the company a poor place to work; which may be a reason for making a negative image for new clients for the company.

Employee background verification helps employers make informed decisions, reduce hiring risks, and create a safe and trustworthy work environment. It is particularly crucial for roles that involve access to sensitive information, financial responsibilities, or interactions with vulnerable populations. Adhering to best practices and legal requirements throughout the process is essential to ensure fairness, accuracy, and compliance.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with us over a cup of coffee, we will provide the best services with the best quotes. Also, don’t hesitate to recommend or share us within your circle to help them with the most affordable and the best solution for all the verification related work.

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