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Cab driver/ house-keeping staff verification

We all know that the crime rate is growing very fast nowadays and we can’t predict what can be happened at just the very next moment. Criminal activities are happening very much nowadays and we all can hear or see various news on the radio, television, the internet, or from our friends, relatives, or neighborhood. Nobody is fully safe nowadays because of criminal activities and the crime rate’s quick growth.

To be safe nowadays, every person or company must recruit all of their staffs after complete and genuine verification. You might be hiring staff for your company or home to perform certain tasks every day. Nowadays, most people or company hires drivers, maids, house-keeping staffs, cab drivers, etc. for their home and office to perform certain tasks. We don’t know or can’t predict what is going on with the mind of anyone; this is why verification of all staff is very important nowadays to be safe.

Why drivers and house-keeping staff verification are important?

As the criminal offenses and rate is growing rapidly day-by-day, it’s very important to carry out the background check of all your cab drivers, house-keeping staff, maids, and employees in your home or office. Hiring employees without verification is very risky nowadays and can cause you very big losses.

For example, the maid or house-keeping staff of your residence can steal or damage jewelry or other valuable things, they can steal money as well when got a chance. The same things can happen in your office as well, your cab or car driver may steal or damage your important and valuable things like documents, laptops, smartphones, etc. They can even cause big losses to your business or home by hurting your co-workers or family persons.

There are many more reasons that may cost you very big, if not financially, then mentally or physically very much. This generally happens with people who show blind trust for everyone which is completely wrong. The person takes advantage of this innocence to do such things; where, staffs with verified employment history never think to do such things for their own safety and career growth. They always try their best to impress the company or owner to get great hikes or promotions for their hard work.

How and what type of checks needs to be performed?

For house-keeping and cab driver verification, we conduct several background checks to make sure that you are hiring a good person. If the shortlisted connection fails any of the checks, we do send red reports to the clients to let them know clearly. These checks are performed by the experts and while performing these checks, we verify all these things:

  1. Address Verification

While hiring cab drivers or house-keeping staff, we do check and verify all the address proofs shown by the employee to see whether all documents provided are authentic or fake. It’s very important to verify the current and permanent address of all your employees working in your homes or office premises to make sure that you have hired the right person.

  1. Identity Verification

Identity verification is one of the most important checks to perform. In this check, we verify all the identity proofs and documents provided by the employees, maids, drivers, and house-keeping staff to check the information provided is correct or not. Identity verification assures people and companies that the ID documents provided by the person actually exists and verified.

  1. Driving License Verification

Driving license verification is very important for all staff but mandatory for your car or cab driver. A car driver with verified documents and a driving license assures you that the company or person hired a great and experienced person who can drive their car safely. Sometimes, employees provide fake driving licenses to get the job and after that, they may be caught in a crash or violation of traffic rules, etc. To reduce all these things, it’s very important to perform driving license verification.

  1. House-keeping Staff Verification

House-keeping staff verification is very important to keep your office and home premises safe from any theft or criminal activities. Just to save some bucks and in hurry, never take any wrong decision. Your home and loved ones are your world and never put them at risk or not let criminals destroy your world. You must conduct criminal verification of all your house-keeping staff to make sure you have hired a great person.

  1. Police Verification

We also conduct police verification in this check to see that the person is never appeared or involved in cases of crime. Deep police verification also reveals if any police case or investigation is in the process against the shortlisted person. It’s very important to conduct a police verification to make sure that you have chosen a great person to fulfill your requirements, otherwise, you may face very big losses, sometimes, it’s worst!

Why Verification Street?

Verification Street is a famous background screening provider serving clients in PAN India. Our team of experts is very well-known with all the methods to conduct various employees efficiently with the quickest possible time. Never compromise with the safety of your home, work, and any premises. Always conduct criminal verification of all your official and residence staff.