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Employee Criminal Records VerificationCriminal verification

Criminal verification of employees is very must nowadays to see whether the shortlisted person involved or not with any criminal activities. Though 5% of employees out of 100% have criminal records due to any reason. Hiring employees without any background or criminal check might be risky for any company nowadays.

There are various checks that come under the criminal verification of an employee such as court check, police verification, Indian or country-wide database check, global database check, state/district/supreme/high court checks, etc.

Criminal verification services of Verification Street give you an assurance that you have hired a person with verified records and working with them will be fully safe. There are many people with short-temper to lose their calmness and can create a big dilemma in the workplace. Sometimes, tensions rise to an extreme level which may cause to severe consequences such as harm of colleagues, kidnapping, or even killing.

However, there are many more types of practices that come under criminal offense such as molestation, sexual harassment, money laundering, etc. If anything like this happens to your workplace then all your efforts go into vain and an employee with a proven track record of success will definitely not like to work in such an environment.

There are various verifications or checks that come under the criminal verification or criminal check; let’s get familiar with all of them below.

  1. Court Check

Court record checks are a deep report of all the illegal activities that prospective employee might have been involved in; all the civil and criminal offenses which might have led to litigation can be known by court check. It will be always great for a company that conducts pre-employment court record checks to avoid hiring candidates with a criminal background, which is obviously not good at all for the company.

  1. Police Verification and Records Check

Police verification and records checks are conducted to make sure that, whether the appointed candidate is undergoing any kind of police investigation not; or whether any complaints are filed against the person in the police station which is not going to court due to any reason. This is very important to hire a person by getting a clean record from the police department for the shortlisted person. Once the police approve that a person is not involved with any offense, it means a person is good for the company.

Verified employees always helpful and work hard for the company’s growth where a person with a criminal history can be a big threat to the company. We always recommend conducting a criminal check for the shortlisted person prior to his/her joining to be safe from the criminals.

  1. Countrywide (Indian) Database Check

Database checks are used to verify that whether the candidate name is included in any criminal databases, civil litigation databases, credit databases, and compliance databases either with suburban, state, or national/countrywide level databases.

Verification Street has access to Indian databases to check whether the candidate is good to hire or not. We check these databases to verify that the candidate’s name is associated with any criminal activity or not. Hiring candidates with criminal backgrounds can harm the company’s reputation and performance as well.

  1. Global Database Check

Global database checks are conducted to check if the candidate’s name is associated with any national or international database, civil litigation database, credit database, or compliance databases. Global database checks are conducted to check international criminal databases to see the criminal history of a person to check whether the person is involved with any international crime, fraud, or litigation or good to hire for the company.

Hiring employees with verified international databases makes sure that your company’s performance, profits, reputation, etc. will improve. However, if you hire a person involved with criminal activities, that will result in the exact opposite and can cause damage to your company in many ways. Never take decisions that can ruin your company’s reputation and performance just to save some bucks.

Benefits of Criminal background verification of employees

There are many benefits of conducting criminal background checks of employees for all companies. Employees with verified criminal records are always good for companies as they never involved with any criminal activities or offenses. Hiring such employees improves the reputation and trust as well of your company in the market which helps the company get more clients and work for the growth.

Why Verification Street?

Verification Street has access to Indian and Global databases and many more databases to verify the criminal history of employees of any company. Feel free to drop your requirements to us by calling us at +91-87505 93230 to schedule a free trial of our services.

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