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Pre-Post Employment Verification – What are they???

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It is always been a perplexity for most of the employers tochoose the best out of Pre-Employment and Post-Employment Screening. Here wewould like to put more light in both of the processes.

Are you again suppressed to file a tax for those employees,who recently got expelled from the organization because of fake history?

       Now a days,market is filled with aggressively looking for Job candidates and despondent toknow that a good number of job seekers have fabricated resume. Such candidatesenter gently through the company glass door and commence working withoutrunning a background check on them, which ends up distorting the brand name andthat further results in the process of rehiring .So a proper validation ofstaff has to taken under place.

Pre – Employment Verification:

Candidates at times submit resumes that have been edited to matchspecific job requirements of a company. The HR personnel in most cases don’toften realize that they are putting in a lot of effort with such manipulatedjob resumes that is filled with:

  • Multiplicationof Job credentials.
  • FakeDOJ/DOL in order to cover up unemployment period (and sometimes prison time).
  • Madeup reasons for leaving the past job.
  • Fakepast work experience.
  • Fakereporting Manager Details in order to get positive reference Check.

     What exactlyit is??

In order to validate candidature of the applicant, acomplete set of Background verification check is being executed by 3rdparty agencies, which includes verifying the previous employment history,education Check, Crime record check and address Verification . In thisVerification employee BGV Report has to be sent to the HR before Candidateknocks the premises. It really helps the company in following ways:

  • Makesthe hiring process less tedious.
  • Helpstake accurate decisions.
  • Savescost and time.
  • Helpsacquire dependable employees.

Post – Employment Verification:

It’s not over until it’s over. Prior to having a newemployee on board, all necessary measures must be taken. Employees holdinghigher job positions sometimes can be a threat to the company’s reputation asthey have easy access to confidential information. Mishandling of suchsensitive information can prove to be costly for any organization.  Because Employees at any joblevel might:

  • Manipulate databases.
  • Leak future plans.
  • Cheating/fraud with help of confidential files.
  • Damage company’s reputation.

Whatexactly it is??

Once the Pre – employment is done, it is always imperativeto keep an eagle-eye on your employees without even letting them know. Becausetheir might be chances of executive a crime or financial fraudulent whilestaying in the premises. So It is very important to conduct post employment ofemployees after every 2 years of their employment. It really helps the companyin following ways :

  • Preventsmisuse of confidential information.
  • Avoidsunnecessary costs.
  • PreventsCopyright violations.
  • Guardsthe company’s reputation.
  • Stopsinternal fraud from happening.

In nutshell, Both of the verification are important to be executed!

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