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Methods, Candidates use to lie before Joining the premises !!!

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In the competitive corporate sector , Candidates will go to great lengths in order to get the open position .However, sometimes they do perform unforeseen malpractice that no one can believe !

According to the analysis 39% of the employees lie on their resume to get hired. Here are the tricks candidates make use of to get placed, get highly salary or fill the gap for an example :

1) Forging the Exit Documents : This practice is One of the easiest trick to get over priced paid. Candidates most likely tend to edit their relieving letter and Salary Slips by superseding the date of exit ,withdrew salary or sometimes designation as well. However , few of the times employees forge the documents by doubling their tenure and Salary .Such kind of uphills have to be verified before joining.

2) Editing the Bank Statement : As editing of Exit documents is in trend So sometimes employer asks for the bank statement in order to verify the documents . It might sound fishy but yes , candidates edit bank statements as well. As the fraudulent is multiplying , So as the verification . Bank statement can also be verified with the help of 3rd party Consultants.

3) Registration of Fake Company Domain : It is hard to believe that the documents of previous employer which candidate has submitted, that company might be registered under the name of candidate or his/her known. Surveys has shown that 10% of the fake employees had registered domains under their name or under their families in the database of July 2019 -Dec 2019.They do provide respective mail id to HR and do respond from that id with a positive Verification. So while verifying your employees , such factor has to be taken under consideration.

4) Submitting Documents of the Companies which are permanently Closed : This Method is also developing day by day , where employees issue themselves fake documents of the MSME companies which are permanently shut down . Because it is not possible for HR to verify the documents. So It is again imperative to verify the employees from Agencies.

So do verify you staff by own or through 3rd parties in order keep your company Image and reputation safe. Contact us on 9818154431 to take trial of verification .


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