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Is it Necessary to Conduct Employee Background Verification for Remote Employees?

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The pandemic hit has changed the scenario of the office culture as it has changed the way when and where employees will work. Reports says that the number of people working from home has increased 3 time between the years 2019 and 2021 and it isn’t surprising because the situation was so damn frightening during Covid-19.

The Covid-19 conditions has got improved but the remote work scenario remain prevalent even after post-pandemic times. However, our goal of writing this blog isn’t to debate about the pros and cons of the remote work. But, we are here to discuss about why you shouldn’t ignore the employee background verification for the remote employees:

  • Background checks are essential because it provides the necessary insights that can help you make the quality hires even if the hiring is for a remote candidate,
  • In fact, the screening requirements don’t change for certain industries just because the hiring is happening remotely, they need to have the screening,
  • Reference checks are also important as it can help you assess the fact that whether the candidate will get succeed in a remote position or not,
  • The third party verification companies also conduct criminal history checks which can help you reduce the risk of data security issues,
  • The social media checks under employee background verification process will help you lower the chance of introducing toxic behaviours in the remote work setup.

Hence, conducting the background checks will provide the necessary insights for making a quality hire for your company no matter whether the person is a remote worker or is supposed to work in the office premises.

Let’s imagine a situation, if you hired a person depending on the qualification and experience mentioned in his/her resume and if you haven’t cross-checked the qualification and experience then the candidate might not be able to do the work in the way you expect her/him to do.

And, we’re talking about such situation because it is the sad truth of today’s time. In such a competitive job market, people lie on their resumes, therefore it is important that you run background checks on all the candidates even for the candidates whom you’re hiring for remote positions.

Not just that, a background check will also give you as an employer the confidence that you’re hiring the best person for the position based on their skills, their qualification, and their experience.

Nonetheless, the background checks through the companies of employee verification India for some industries don’t change just for the reason that the hiring is happening online. And, these are the industries which require background checks such as –

  • Credit history for financial positions, and
  • Drug testing for Particular Jobs.

Because for some industries compliance is compliance and in such industries no one cares where the hiring process is taking place.

Hence, working with one of the third party verification companies can help you in hiring the best candidate for your job opening. In addition to the background check, you can also go for reference checks as these are even more critical as it will tell you that whether the candidate is a good fit for remote work or not.

Because not everyone applying for the remote position is necessarily the best fit for remote work. Therefore, a background check with a company for employee verification India with immediate past employers is more important than you think.

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