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How safe is it to onboard staff without Document Verification in Covid-19?

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COVID-19 has turned the business face in a different mode in the last 8 months. Businesses have changed their priorities, plans, budgetary allowances, and even demands in order to get survival. To keep their Budget lower, corporate which used to verify their staff before hiring have either stopped doing Employment Background Verification or they have switched to small agencies from Top Verification Companies in India to do cross-cutting. Which has also affected the Verification companies in India. Industries assume that BGV is not as vital as the other statistics are. But here we would like to emphasize why it is super imperative to get BGV done from even the Best Background Verification Companies during such a crisis.

According to the statistics, almost 80% of the companies are offering Work from Home opportunities to their staff. While Corporate is busy in hiring the most trusted and experienced staff for their premises, some of the candidates are also planning to get placed not limited to one organization but working with more than one company at the same time to take the full privilege of Work from home opportunity. We have found so many cases where the candidate is also working with the previous company and also has joined some other company in order to get a double salary.  So Background verification is much more imperative now than previous.

Contact Best Background Verification agencies In India to get your staff verified, as trusted employees lead to great businesses and protect the brand name. Onboarding the staff for Work from the home position without verification can always leave loopholes in business. Contact Verification Street at 9818154431, to get BGV services at nominal cost along with the trial.

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