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Drug Test is being considered one of the essential tests to conduct!

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While executing the verification process, we stay realistic to know more about the candidate’s previous payroll and qualification details and keep the other checks secondary. A drug test is always kept in the last. But it is as imperative as the other checks are.

While consuming any sort of drug cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, etc. It gets in the body systems and starts affecting the inner system. This can further lead to dangerous diseases in the body and the human body cannot get rid of them because of the habit.  That ends up affecting the workplace in various ways:

According to the study, the main reason employees opt for drug options is because it keeps them awake for long during their extra-long shifts or they just take it as fun and it leads to lifelong addiction.

We have a tie-up with a team of experts, which will help to conduct drug tests. For this samples of Urine, Saliva, hair, or blood are taken from the office premises / House of the candidate, and the report is being shared in 5-7 Working days.

  • Drug users are more prone to accidents.
  • They can give rise to workplace hazards.
  • They can go to any end to steal the data of the company.
  • Drug users do not stay more productive.
  • They can further influence other employees to take drugs.
  • Drug users can ruin the client relationship in the sales field.

So we at Verification Street provide all kinds of Drug verification at a very nominal cost among all Best Background verification Companies In Delhi/NCR and assure to provide a report before TAT other than Top Verification Companies.

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